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Inglés Profesional para Turismo


Información del curso de Inglés Profesional para Turismo


Conocer los diferentes productos y servicios de la industria turística, así como los proveedores de los mismos, identificando los documentos propios del sector turístico y aprendiendo cómo desenvolverse en variadas situaciones que tienen que ver con el sector, tales como el trato con el cliente, redacción de cartas, gestión de quejas, etc.


  1. Learning Unit 1. Tourism and travel services management
    1. Tourism service presentation: products or services features, measures, quantities, ancillary services, payment terms and after sales service, among others
      1. Tourism products or services
      2. Grammar review: expressing quantity
      3. Payment terms and after-sales service
    2. Hospitality and tourism management
      1. Introduction
      2. Tour operators and travel agents
      3. Travel, trip and journey
    3. Tickets, vouchers and other related documents
      1. Air tickets
      2. Railway tickets
      3. Bus and other tickets
      4. Vouchers
    4. Negotiating with tourism and hospitality providers
      1. Introduction
      2. The process of negotiation
    5. Booking hotel rooms and facilities
      1. Types of accommodation
      2. Hotel rooms
    6. Management and marketing hotel related documents
      1. Online booking enquiry and reservations
      2. Hotel reservation confirmation
      3. Hotel reservation form
      4. Hotel welcome letters
  2. Learning Unit 2. Providing tourist information in English
    1. Request for exchange of information among tourist information centres
      1. Information exchange in the public tourist system
      2. Tourist or visitor information centres
      3. Information technologies and the Internet
    2. Information about providers, prices and rates, and service provision to clients
      1. Introduction
      2. Brochures and other promotional documents
      3. Customers’ legal rights
      4. Cancellations and alterations. Vocabulary
      5. General guidelines to answer an enquiry
    3. Providing general information to the customer on destinations, routes, weather conditions, surroundings and leisure activities
      1. Types of holidays and destinations
      2. Package holidays or package tours
      3. Routes and itineraries
      4. Weather conditions
      5. What’s the weather like?
      6. Surroundings and leisure activities
    4. Listing of natural resources, sports / leisure activities and itineraries: location, distance, dates, means of transport and timetables
      1. Listing and writing about natural resources, sport and / or leisure activities
      2. Directions and distances
      3. Writing dates and reading years
      4. Means of transport
    5. Environmental legislation concerning tourism activities
    6. Customer awareness in the conservation of environmental resources
    7. Gathering customer feedback regarding accomodation
  3. Learning Unit 3. Customer service in the tourism industry
    1. Specific terminology in tourism and hospitality
      1. Introduction
      2. Airport vocabulary
      3. Check-in desk and security checkpoint
      4. Train station vocabulary
      5. On a ferry or cruise ship
      6. At the bus stop
      7. Hiring or renting a car
      8. At the restaurant
    2. Common structures and phrases in customer care: greetings, introductions and social etiquette
      1. Formal and informal Greetings
      2. Introductions and farewells
      3. Social etiquette
    3. Different styles, formal and informal, in oral and written tourist communication
      1. Introduction
      2. Formal and informal communication
    4. Dealing with customers’ complaints: common situations
      1. Building relationships with customers
      2. How to handle complaints
      3. What do customers complain about?
    5. Customer service and solving complaints in a natural and fluid way
    6. Communication and attention to people in case of an accident
      1. Dealing with accidents
      2. Recommendations to the traveller